Monday, September 9, 2013

21 Months DTE

Another month has passed and we did receive news that our agency has again needed to increase the wait time.  It is now 30-36 months and has tripled since we began this adventure.  It is also important to note that this is not necessarily what our wait time will be - it is the wait time of the families who have most recently received referrals.  Since we still have awhile until we get to the top of the list, it could increase even more.

We continue to wait with hope, but please pray for us if you think about it. This past month in particular has been a trying one.  Our kids are wondering if this adoption will ever really happen.  J with his tender heart has especially been having a hard time lately, with several tearful nights recently.  I don't want to give the impression we are wallowing in pity over here - we have an AMAZING family and we are really loving life.  We are also in awe over the way God can work in our hearts and is preparing us for WHOEVER might come into our family!

I haven't looked at our numbers lately, but for the sake of keeping track, here they are (unfortunately after staying the same for 2 months, we've had some regression again).

Infant Boy (0-18mo) = 36
Young (under 4 yr) siblings =20
Siblings with older child =6
Toddler Boy (19-47) mo = 14

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