Our Adoption Journey

We are thrilled to be in the journey to adopt our son(s) from Ethiopia.  To see all of our adoption-related posts, you can click here.

Our Timeline:

6/24/11:  Applied to AWAA's Ethiopia Program.     ($250)
7/14/11:  Accepted!
7/23/11:  Sent in initial program fee, along with lots of signed agreements.  ($1500, total=$1750)
7/29/11:  Assigned a Home Study Coordinator; received packet of information to start collecting paperwork needed for Home Study.
7/29/11:  Requested my Birth Certificate from Arkansas and our Marriage License from MD ($50.25, total=$1800.25)
8/1/11:    NCFA Hague Online Training ($175, total=$1975.25)
8/2/11:    Sent requests for Criminal Background & Child Abuse Checks ($46.16, total=$2021.41)
8/3/11:    Homestudy & Travel Fee to AWAA ($1800+$87=$1887, total=$3908.41)
8/4/11:    Requested Jon's Birth Certificate from PA  ($20, total=$3928.41)
8/8/11:    Copay for my physical exam  ($20, total=$3948.41)
8/9/11:    Copay for Jon's exam ($20, total=$3968.41)
8/19/11:  Payment for notary of physical exams ($35, total=$4003.41)
8/25/11:  Passports & Photos ($285, total=4288.41) 
9/6/11:    Dossier Cover Letter & POA sent to Dept of State to be authenticated ($30, total=$4318.41) 
10/6/11:  Finalized Home Study Received & I-600A sent to USCIS ($890, total=$5208.41)
11/2/11:  USCIS Fingerprinting Appointments
11/19/11:  Received our I-117H!  woot!
11/21/11:  Sent completed dossier to AWAA!!!! ($7700, total=$12908.41) 

MISC costs (postage, etc):   $37.58, total = $12945.99, plus more we forgot to keep the receipts for :)

For more information about fundraising (we need to raise between $25-35K for one child, if we receive a referral of two children, it will be a little more!!), please see below.  If you are able to help financially through one of our fundraising efforts, it would certainly be a blessing to our family!  Above all, please pray!!

Just Love Coffee ~ lots of varieties available in ground, whole bean, or green bean for those who like to roast their own!  For each bag of coffee purchased, we earn $5 towards our adoption!

Ebay ~ once in awhile I go on a listing spree, feel free to click here to see if I currently have anything listed!

Thirty-One Gifts ~ We had a fundraiser and I had so much fun I decided to become a part of the 31 team!  Check out my website to place an order, book a party (online/catalog parties are fun and EASY!), or join my team!

CoupAide ~ Donate $20 ~ We get $10 towards our adoption and YOU get a $50 gift certificate to Restaurant.com!

PayPal Donation ~ if you would like to simply donate any amount (every dollar adds up!), you can click on the button below!  (PayPal does take out a very small service fee).

....more to come!!
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