Monday, July 18, 2011

Rachel's Birdie Mobile

My friend Rachel recently shared some pictures of their adorable nursery, just perfect and waiting for Baby to arrive any day now.  I think they did such a great job ~ I love that it is neutral, since they haven't found out if Baby is a He or a She....but it's neutral without being the typical yellow and green.

There are so many great things about their nursery, but what I really fell in love with was the mobile Rachel and her team of helpers came up with!  Rachel doesn't currently blog, but she gave me permission to share some pictures with you...

Isn't it amazing?!  Here's what Baby will see...  I can't wait to see pictures of a smiling little baby batting his or her tiny hands at the birdies!  Rachel, even without your sweet mobile-making skillz, you're gonna be one great momma!

If you'd like more information on making the mobile, Rachel's original inspiration came from here.

Think she's awesome?  Feel free to leave the momma-to-be some comment love!


Meri @ twofive365 said...

That is super cute!! She did a great job. I am all about color :D

Jenni said...

Awesome mobile! Thank you so much for visint the frog and leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate the support! Oh and I am a new follower!

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