Wednesday, July 4, 2012

7 Months DTE

Here we are, 7 months into our wait!

 Our agency had a flurry of referrals a week or so ago.  It was incredible and gave us a decent shot of HOPE!  For the first time since we have been DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia), our unofficial number in the toddler boy line has decreased overall!!!  (We started at #19 but because of request changes from those ahead of us, our number climbed pretty quickly).

So here's where we are (unofficially):

Infant Boy (<18 months) = #58
Twins/Young Siblings = #28
Toddler Boy = #18

 We have also had some great things happening in the fundraising department!  Hoping to find time to post about our recent yard sale fundraiser soon!

1 comment:

Althea said...

I'm so glad for some encouraging news! :-) Praying for more!

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