Monday, September 24, 2012

Blogging for Compassion

 If you are a blog reader, you may have noticed that this month, you've been hearing about Compassion International a little more this month than usual.  It's blog month at Compassion, and because it is a cause I wholeheartedly love and believe in, I have joined the ranks of Compassion bloggers.

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We are so blessed to have a lifestyle where yeah, sometimes money is tight, but we never have to look at empty cabinets (unless I haven't gone grocery shopping in awhile). Our kids can have great educations, and we are able to buy them the supplies they need.  We have fresh drinking water available, and we don't have to walk miles and carry it home in a bucket.  The sad thing is, many people in this world do not have those luxuries.  Compassion works in the name of Jesus to provide needs to children all over the world, and remains in the top 1% of all charities for integrity and financial accountability.  (Our money is going to the needs they advertise, not to fatten someone's wallet).

We have been sponsoring a little boy from Ethiopia for almost two years now, and I absolutely adore him.  (It is actually a pretty neat story of how we came to sponsor him that you can check out here).  It is a highlight for our family when we get mail and we love seeing how he is growing.  He is my son's "twin" - born on the exact same day, which also serves as a teaching point for our son, who prays for his buddy and has his picture hanging in his room.  We hope to meet him when we travel to Ethiopia someday.

I encourage you to find out more about Compassion and pray about your involvement.  Go here and look at some of these sweet faces.  Maybe you are unable to financially commit at this time, but could you can pray that these children find sponsors?   


Lateasa @LLovesC said...

THANK YOU for sharing this!!! I am on the site now. I will spread the word on my blog Thank you!

Lateasa @LLovesC said...

I just sponsored a little girl from the Dominican Republic :) Thank you so much for his post! It is definitely not by chance I started following you weeks ago and saw this posting in my blog feed. Thank you :)

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