Tuesday, August 6, 2013

20 Months DTE

Wow, 20 months!  Unbelievable!!  Currently the families at the top of our unofficial waiting list have been waiting around 30 months until referral.  Although the trend is that wait times are lengthening, we are hopeful that we will have good news within a year.

There has not been much action in our agency over the last month (that we know of) with referrals, so our numbers haven't changed.  We are BEYOND excited for the many families traveling this month for court & embassy dates.  Court closures occur from some point in August to some point in October each year (for the rainy season), and we are THANKFUL that the Ethiopian courts did not close as early as expected this year, allowing a few more families to have their court dates before closures!!

The big news around here is that I was just able to promote again with Thirty-One Gifts!  I am now an Independent Director and soooo thankful for this opportunity!!!  If you have followed this blog for ages, you will remember that my journey with 31 began almost 2 years ago when a friend offered to do an adoption fundraiser for us!  I immediately fell in love with all the great products and signed up as a consultant myself.  All of the commission I make with Thirty-One goes into our adoption fund and has taken the place of doing lots of other fundraisers.  I believe that when we do receive our referral, we will Lord willing be in a position where we do not have to raise additional support for the fees associated with referral acceptance and travel!!!  What a blessing!  Along with this, I've been able to earn lots of product incentives, Best Buy gift cards, and other great surprises!  If you are at all interested in finding out more about our products or joining my team, please don't hesitate to contact me at my business email:  angiem31 (at) live (dot) com.  Find out what kind of blessing Thirty-One could be in your life!!!

**I am an Independent Director with Thirty-One Gifts, and the views expressed in this blog are mine alone, and not the views of the company.  :)


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Stephanie said...

Praying for you guys! May God continue to uphold and strengthen you as you wait on His perfect timing.

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