Monday, November 4, 2013

23 Months DTE

Over the weekend was our 23 month DTE-iversary!  It also marked the day when our sweet girl turned 4!!!

So here's where we are currently - AGAIN with the backwards movement - there have been a lot of families within our agency who have recently cleared embassy, so we are hopeful that may have an impact in changing these numbers SOON.  We have not had positive movement in awhile, and it can be discouraging!!

Infant Boy (0-18mo) = 37
Young (under 4 yr) siblings =20
Siblings with older child =6
Toddler Boy (19-47) mo = 15
We are so thankful that God knows the story of our family - every last detail in it, and we can trust Him.  We are also super thankful for our sweet birthday girl!  I can't even begin to say what a blessing she is to our family.  She brings us so much joy, laughter, and fun.  She loves to sing and dance, and if she gets over the whole being shy in public thing, we just may see her on the stage some day!  She adores her big brother and misses him so much when he is at school.  She loves hearing about Africa and asks almost daily if we can go there someday.  I love her to pieces, and yep, she had her own pumpkin spice iced coffee on her special day.  She's her mama's girl!  (sidenote:  she still calls me mama and I love it!!)


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