Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Disneyworld Vacation

Not to sound hokey, but I think it really might be the happiest place on earth!!!  We had a great time at Disney, and there really is something magical about that place!  We had a week packed full of rides, eating lots of good food, meeting characters, and getting their autographs.  Of course I loved Disney the first time I went, back in 2005, but this time, having kids there.....even better!  I loved seeing everything through Jackson's eyes.  He was super excited about everything, loved every character, even if he had no clue who they were (ie Koda from Brother Bear), and was SO brave for the rides (the kid went on Tower of Terror!!!)  His top 3 faves of the week were:  1)  Jedi Training & fighting Darth Vadar, 2) being chosen to announce "Welcome to our Show" at the Little Mermaid, and 3) the Haunted Mansion ride.  Carly was such a little sweetie ~ pretty much the perfect baby for the week!  She was content to ride in the stroller for much of the time and would take 5-10 minute cat naps a few times during the day.  She loved the shows and would point and squeal so excitedly! 

Here's a few pics, because how can I blog about a Disney vacation and not have pictures?  (More on Facebook).

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