Monday, November 22, 2010

Frugal Finds - Thanksgiving Edition

Although I am SUPER pumped for Christmas, I'm still holding myself back from decorating.  I'm following the unwritten rule that I must not break out the Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving (or possibly Thanksgiving evening.....) and plus, I'm finding some super cute cheap (or free!) Turkey Day decor.  Thought I'd share it in case you are looking for some last minute additions to your thanksgiving table.
Carli at Dimpleprints has created a seriously adorable *HUGE* package of Thanksgiving printables.  There's banners, food labels, signs, recipe name it, it's there - for *FREE!*  I printed off some cute favor tags to put on the goody bags for J's class party tomorrow.  I would love to print a ton more stuff, but I'm not too stocked up on printer ink and cardstock at the moment!  Here's a glimpse as to what is in the package....
There are sooo many possibilities with this collection!  If you see something you like, click here to visit Dimpleprints!  Since I just finished the goody bags, here's a pic of how they turned out - simple but cute!

Another great find was this Faux Burlap Thanksgiving Print - I ordered it as an 8x10 photo from Shutterfly - it came today and looks so great!  I'll pop it in a frame and have an instant Thankgiving decoration!

Some other deals today...

If you are a fan of Dunkin' Donuts coffee (my husband's favorite kind), it's worth mentioning that on Black Friday at Dunkin' Donuts (at least our local one), coffee will be on sale - 6 lbs for $25.  That's a great price for stocking up, considering in stores a pound can sometimes be almost $8!  Is anyone else using the Free Coffee Mondays punch card?  I cannot get enough of the Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee!

If you read many savings/couponing blogs, I'm sure you've seen the $5 Hallmark coupon advertised - I picked up a Family Circle the other day, got the coupon, and made a stop at Hallmark today.  I picked up 2 rolls of their wrapping paper and paid $1.58 total.  (Normally $4.99 each, but on sale for Buy One, Get One for 99cents, and then minus the $5 coupon).  Not bad - they have the best wrapping paper!

One last thing to mention - if you have the Kmart Rewards Card, don't forget to sign your kiddos up for their Birthday Club!  They get a little pack that includes $5 off a toy purchase of $5 or more!  I tried to use it today to get some Star Wars action figures for J - unfortunately the coupon is not valid on BOGO items.  Technically, I shouldn't be spending Carly's birthday money on toys for Jackson anyway :)  I'm planning to go back later this week to find something for Carly's stocking.

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Jessica said...

Thanks for linking to my printable- I'm so glad you like it!! :)

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