Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Old Stack of Books & A Guest Post

I love things with character, and what has more character than an old stack of books?  The great news is, it can be a fun and very frugal decorative addition to your home!

From top to bottom:  "Smilin' Jack" was given to us by Jon's Grandpa.  It's from 1937 and we picked it because of the name ~ perfect for our son!  "The Brothers Karamazov" ~ a classic we picked up at a library sale for 50 cents.  "The Pilgrim's Progress" ~ a classic of Christian literature ~ and just the look of it alone would make it special, but it actually has an even better story.  We discovered this book in my Grandma's attic.  The name written on the inside is "Lydia Miller," which is my great-great grandmother, who was born around 1860.  Love!  All tied up with a piece of twine for a total cost of 50 cents!  Here it is lookin' cute on our tranformed bookshelves.......which you can currently see at my new guest post over at The Frugal Girls!

If you've never been there, The Frugal Girls is an amazing site dedicated to one of my favorite things...saving money!!!  If you never want to miss another deal, it's a great place to go!  Thanks again, Heidi!

If you are a visiting Frugal Girl, WELCOME!!  I hope you get a chance to look around a bit ~ you might be especially interested in my "Under $5" decorating and craft ideas, and my "Secrets of Savings" series.  Hope you enjoy ~ don't forget to say "hi" or even become a follower ~ there's many more frugal ideas to come!!


Mimi said...

Love this! Great job!
What a deal you got on the bookshelf! Our thrift stores think they are "Tarjay," so we don't get good deals like that!
BTW - the description of YOU is very similar to me - follower of Christ, lover of iced coffee and dark chocolate! Soul sister! :)

Melisa said...

I just popped over to say how much I like your laundry shelf makeover. I would never have thought spray paint would cover so well on those baskets, with all the nooks an crannies. They look great!

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