Friday, April 29, 2011

Earning Coupons with Recyclebank

Way back in December I posted about a few online group deals and savings sites, and today I wanted to share another one with you!

*Recyclebank is a great site that allows you to earn points and use them towards rewards.....lots to choose from, but my favorite is always the coupon for a FREE latte from McDonald's!  If you are lucky enough to live in one of the areas eligible for the home recycling program, you can earn points simply for putting out your recyclables to be collected.  If not (like me), there are lots of quizzes and codes and other ways to earn points.  Currently there are many points available in the "Green Your Home" section.  I'm almost ready to get myself another iced caramel latte  :)

This link will take you to Recyclebank's sign up..... in the interest of full disclosure, I do earn points if you sign up..... so if that's not something you feel comfortable with, please feel free to go to their homepage directly!  Hope it helps you get some great coupons!!

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