Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day ~ hope you are enjoying your special Father's Day celebrations today!  Today I'm especially thankful for all the Dads in my life....

My Dad ~ although he's laid back, he also has a fun sense of humor and loves joking around.  The first time Jon ever came home with me to meet my parents, my Dad met him at the door with his pants hiked up to his chest and a stupid grin on his face....luckily he didn't scare him off!  I have always been a Daddy's Girl and I miss the days of sitting at home watching Penguins and Steelers games with him.

My Father-in-Law ~ a person who would truly do anything for anyone!  I hear so many stories and jokes about people not getting along with their inlaws, but I have to say, I am incredibly blessed with mine!

Finally, my Husband and Baby Daddy ~ who is such a good father.  After a long day of work when I"m sure he would like to just relax, he is immediately bombarded by an energetic 5 year old Daddy's boy wanting to play.  Our kids just adore him, and for good reason!  I'm so proud of (and blessed by) the father he is!!

We just couldn't wait to give Jon one of his Father's Day gifts.....Pop for the Best POP!  Cheesy, yes....but I also love that it pays homage to my Western PA/MD roots where pop was POP and not soda :)

We didn't go all out with the decorating since the box will just eventually get thrown away ~ just some scrapbook paper & stickers....and Jackson colored in the stenciled "pop."
J also decorated one side with more stickers.

Lots of different POP!

Hope you had a great day celebrating with the Fathers in your life!

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