Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quiet Time Activity: Sticker Book

We're in the thick of the cold and flu season.  Our family hasn't been hit too hard, but for a little while we were sick on and off - stuff just seemed to be lingering.  One weekend, Jon and I were both sick with something stomachy, something was weird with Carly because she was just sleeping the day away, but other than being a little tired, Jackson was just fine.  I felt bad for the poor kid because no one felt like playing with him, so I came up with this super simple idea that kept him busy for a LONG time....
A sticker book!  He has waaaaay too many stickers that I can't bring myself to just throw away to pare down the amount.  I got out a simple composition notebook (you can stock up on these at CVS at the beginning of the school year - they usually have them free after ExtraBucks), his enormous pile of stickers, and let him go to town! 
He loved it, he's finally using his stickers, and it kept him busy while I lounged on the couch sipping ginger ale and wishing I would just throw up :)  (I never did, and we're all better now...thanks!)

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