Saturday, January 29, 2011

Traditional Valentine's Day Meal

Just wanted to put this idea out there early, in case you want to start the tradition yourself.  This one is from my childhood - the traditional Valentine's Day meal - a heart-shaped meatloaf!!  My mom made one of these every year and it was a tradition I just had to pass on to my own family.
The above picture was taken last year (obviously pre-cooking) - I made it in the crockpot with carrots and potatoes for something a little different.  I also made layered jello (alternating layers of red, pink, and white) and cut it out with heart cookie cutters.  Another great thing for the kiddos is to put a drop or two of red food coloring in their milk, or get the cranberry flavored ginger ale!

Do you serve anything special for Valentine's Day?

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1 comment:

Natalie said...

Great minds think alike! I just posted our Valentine's meal too- mini heart meatloaves! I'll definitely follow you... I see a cute little snowman cookie up there I want to take a look at!


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