Friday, May 13, 2011

New Flower Beds

One of the projects we have recently completed is putting flower beds around our shed.  You'll be able to tell how shady it is back there....grass really doesn't grow well, so we had to carefully choose plants that don't require much sunlight!!  First we chose some perennials to base everything around - hostas, toad lily, and columbine, plus a few lilies of the valley I dug up from another area of the yard.  We then added some annuals for a splash of color.  I can't wait until everything starts growing and fills in a little more, but I think what we have done so far is a big improvement!



Yay for progress!  I especially love the stepping stones - gives it a little bit of a cottagey-feel!!

Next subject... have you seen GroopDealz today?  One of my favorite deals is back ~ the chalkboard vinyl decals!!  They are $4 for 4 decals, and this time you can choose oval or rectangle!  Seriously, I love these things.  They make GREAT labels, and changing them is as easy as erasing the chalk.  I used them for my container garden, and I think they make the plain old pots look adorable.  Go check them out!!

Off to work on some more outside projects....hopefully the rain holds off and we can get some more things done this weekend!

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Meri said...

Oh it looks great and once everything starts filling in, it is going to look beautiful! I am bummed we can't do any planting right now (we are leaving on a trip soon) so everything looks bare and sad. lol

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