Friday, February 24, 2012

Marshmallow Hearts

Like the terrible blogger I continue to be, I am finally getting around to posting about a cute activity Jackson & I did for Valentine's Day this year!  Feel free to ignore, since it won't apply for another 51 weeks, or squirrel it away to remember for next year, or even better - pin it so you don't forget!  :)

I found these strawberry heart-shaped marshmallows at the grocery store awhile back, bought them, and promptly forgot about them until the day before Valentine's Day.

I rediscovered them while searching in the pantry for something else completely.  I wracked (racked?) by brain trying to come up with something to do with them, and decided on keeping it simple.  Dip in melted white chocolate chips and then in sprinkles.  Wonderful, festive idea right?  Until I did it and saw what they looked like.

Happy Valentine's's your.....lump of pink sprinkles??

I tried dipping them in only halfway; same result.  I flipped it over, and lo and behold.....cuteness!  And they fit perfectly in the Valentine's mini-muffin tin liners I found last year at Target's 90% off Valentine's sale.

So....what did we do with all these fancy marshmallow hearts?  We put one on each place at our Valentine's meal (in case you don't remember, our traditional Valentine's meal is a heart-shaped meatloaf or hamloaf, and lots of other heart-shaped or red or pink foods).  We've also been using them in hot chocolate - adorable and tasty!

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Anonymous said...


This is a cute idea and I'm glad you posted it. Years ago I heard of a woman that celebrated Valentine's Day every month for the sake of romance in her marriage. To keep the cost down, she wrote a list of things he liked and tried to find these things on sale or made them herself. One example was a bundle of kindling for the fireplace because he loved to read the paper in front of a fire in the winter months. Another was a german chocolate cake and so forth. She surprised him every month on the fourteenth. The story can be read in the Slob Sister's Happiness File book. It is written by Pam Jones and Peggy Young and can be available through your library. The point to this long reply is that this is something I thought I would do this year to surprise my husband and I looking for small and inexpensive items to give. This would fit the bill. You have a great idea here and I appreciate you posting it.
Hope all is well with your family and the adoption process.


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