Monday, January 17, 2011

Etsy Spotlight

Oh Etsy, how I love thee.  I would count the ways, but there are too many.  I could spend hours just "window shopping" all the handmade or vintage goodies.  I thought I'd start featuring some of my favorites here.  If you read this blog, you're well aware that our biggest excitement lately has been the laundry room, so of course I've been searching Etsy for some things I dream of's a few great finds!

Felted Wool Dryer Balls by Clean Sypria - they are to use instead of dryer sheets!  The shop sells all different varieties and you can even pick your favorite scent!  Clean Sypria says she has used the same ones for eight years and they still work!  Eight years!  Plus, they are just so cute!  It would be adorable to have a bowl of these sitting on your dryer.

Clothespins on the Line Print by honeytree - I adore the colors in this simple print.  Beautiful!  Come to think of it, I love everything in the whole shop!

This awesome ironing board cover by CityChickCountryMouse might even make one of my most hated chores enjoyable!  Love the fabric choice!

Love this Vintage Laundromat print by buckscountyframes - so fun!!  Another shop with gorgeous photography!

Simple and cute, this Laundry Day Print by Toxicguineapigs (how's that for a memorable name!) has me longing for a warm spring breeze!

I don't have a clothesline yet, but hopefully this spring I'll be getting one, and I would love to have this bag by HandmadebyBette to hold all my clothespins!

Great stuff, right?  There is some amazing talent out there! 

Do you have an Etsy shop?  Let me know, I'd love to check it out!!


L.Grainne said...

Lovely collection ! Thank you for including me :)

Lindsay said...

LOVE the dryer balls! someday after we buy a washer/dryer these balls will be next on my list. :) thanks for sharing!

City Chic Country Mouse said...

Thanks so much for including us in your collection! I have those dryer balls on my wish list!

Bette said...

Thank you so much for including my clothespin bag in your collection.

Chris and Hannah said...

I love those balls. I've never seen those before. Great idea. Not sure if I could keep my kids from throwing them around the house. Hannah

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