Sunday, February 20, 2011

Antiquing FAIL and a Mystery Object

Yesterday Jon and I were down to only one child (Jackson was spending the weekend with his Nana and Peeps....Jon's parents), so we decided to go antiquing in some shops we like.  Normally, taking a 15 month old antiquing would be akin to a deathwish would not be a recommended activity, but poor Carly has a massive cold that makes her extra clingy (and also causing us to stay home from church today), so we knew she wouldn't want to be running around playing with antiques.  We didn't see a whole lot at first.  Well, you know I love the aqua blue Mason jars, and those were everywhere, but to go to an antique store and buy them feels like I'm cheating.  I'd rather find them at a yard sale or a basement or someplace where I can make the discovery.  Make sense? 
Enough of that little rabbit trail...I was super excited when I saw a great item - an old crate with PEEPS printed on the side - which is what my Father-in-Law goes by to his grandkids.  How cute would it be to give Peeps a crate with his name on it!  Jon looked at it, loved it too, so we bought it. 
We came home to give our little sicko a nap, and as we were talking in the house, I hear Jon yell, "It doesn't say PEEPS!  It says PEPSI!"
So I looked, and sure enough...

crap.  Ack!  Such language!  I apologize, but that's definitely what was in my mind at the moment.  I will replace it with Jackson's favorite phrase when things go wrong....bummers!  We don't even like Pepsi.  How did both of us (neither of us having dyslexia or anything of the sort) see the thing and not realize it said Pepsi?!?!  FAIL!  Oh well.  It could be worse.  My first thought was Craigslist, but it's starting to grow on me, so it just might decide to live here.  It is pretty neat looking, isn't it?

And here's something I picked up the other day at another favorite store, the Gift & Thrift.... I just liked the look of it.  But, can someone enlighten me???  Is it a carafe of some sort?  Why the big bubble/pockety thing in the middle?  It came with a stopper in the top made of some kind of raffia-like material, if that helps.  I would like to hear your ideas!


Meri said...

My parents had one of those exact same green jugs when I was a kid. It is a wine decanter, people would put ice in the center part to chill the white wine without diluting it.

My mom used hers for dried flowers though ;)

I am not a big Pepsi fan either, but the box is cute!

Hope your wee one starts to feel better soon. Have a restful Sunday.


nickandjuliem4 said...

I'm not sure what it's for, but if that little bubble opens on the side, it would be so cute to have flowers coming out of the side & the top :-)

Jen said...

What a crack-up!!!! The crate is definitely awesome (although I'm not a pepsi fan either)! HYSTERICAL that neither you or Jon noticed it! Definitely blame it on having the sweet 15 month old with you! :-) I am certain that you are going to come up with something super cool to do with the crate! Hope the girl is better soon!

CAS said...

Cute about the crate. Depending on how much you paid for it, you could always paint it, distress it and add your own "PEEPS" lettering. Then it would still make a great gift for your FIL. I agree with Meri that the green piece is a white wine dispenser with a place for ice. It's very pretty. I'm a new follower.

Kortney said...

ok Angie, your house is gorgeous, will you please please please come to mine and decorate it?? I cant decorate! It makes me start to hyperventilate even thinking about it!

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