Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Has everyone out there heard of Houseparty?  Basically, you can apply to host parties sponsored by different companies wanting to spread the word about their products.  If you are chosen, you will be sent a box of goodies to share with your guests!
I was just chosen to host my third houseparty - this time for Zatarain's.  The box came a few days ago....here's a peek at what was included:

A tote bag, Mardi Gras beads and masks, Creole mustard, Creole seasoning, root beer extract, coupons for 4 free products, box of Jambalaya, box of red beans & rice, and also stacks of coupons to give to my guests!  

The previous parties I have had the opportunity to host were for DiGiorno and Fisher Price - I have had great experiences with both!  (The Fisher Price party was amazing.....they sent close to $300 of toys!!!)  If you haven't signed up with Houseparty yet, I highly suggest you check it out!  Has anyone else hosted with Houseparty?  I'd love to hear about your experience!


Natalie said...

3, wow!! You must be a lucky girl! I got picked for the Beyblade one back in Sept. and my son still talks about it! He invited about 10 friends over and all the parents are cursing me now cause every single kid is obsessed with it! My sister got picked for the Fisher Price (yes, amazing!!) one and the Shutterfly one (that was some pretty good stuff too!). I'm hoping to get picked for the Bare Minerals one that is coming up!

Althea said...

I love house party! I got picked for the Zatarain's too. :-) My other two have been Boboli and Gerber. Wish I could have done the fisher price! Do you have any fun ideas for your party?

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