Monday, February 7, 2011

Black & Gold

Growing up in Western PA & MD, I am a rather huge Steelers fan.  Love love love them.  So I was pretty excited to host a Super Bowl party yesterday.  Even though we lost, it was fun just to have another Super Bowl experience - I know a lot of people who never see their team winning championships, so to have seen the Steelers in 4 Super Bowls (winning 2 of them) and the Penguins in 4 Stanley Cups (winning 3) - well, it's pretty sweet.  The Pirates have some work to do, but I guess I can't be too picky.
Anyhoo....I went with some traditional Pittsburgh food yesterday for the Super Bowl Party meal - kielbasa & sauerkraut and pierogies.  Other sides too, but those were the main dishes.  I had to get a little creative, so I made these:
MMMM....Oreos dipped in white chocolate with some Steeler gold sprinkles. 

We had the flag flying,

the jerseys on,
(Miller, Ward, and mine is Polamalu in case you were wondering...the hubs is not a Steelers fan, but he did wear a Steelers t-shirt to make me happy)

the Terrible Towels waving,

Carly was even sporting a special hair accessory...

but it was not enough to stop the Pack.  As I explained to my sobbing almost 5-year old after the game (yes, he stayed up past his normal bedtime, but he said he was "too excited about the Steelers to sleep" could I make him go to bed?!), even though we are a little sad, they still did great, and football is only a game - there are much more important things in life!  Plus, we still have more rings than any other team :)  Go Steelers!

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Jennifer said...

Not a Steelers fan (sorry, born in WI) BUT I love your Steelers Oreos! Great team-theme snack!
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