Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy (Early) Chinese New Year!

With tomorrow being Chinese New Year, yesterday Jackson and I made some decorations to make our guests feel more at home.  We used the directions here to make Chinese paper lanterns and strung them up in our dining room. 

They turned out cute, and the boys loved them - I saw them taking pictures of them this morning when they didn't think I was looking :)
Side note:  isn't it lovely how the Wii brings the world together?  (Or at least serves as a great icebreaker with teenage boys?)
After trying our hardest to keep their names straight and pronounce them correctly (Chang and Xiong, which interestingly enough, sound pretty similar), last night Xiong typed his name into the Wii as "Joe" and told us that is his nickname....makes me think of a quote from Adam Sandler in the movie The Wedding Singer...."that information would've been more useful to me yesterday!"  :)


Joy said...

Both of our boys had English names that their parents gave them at birth. I am sure both of your boys have English names.

Kung Hay Fat Choy during this year of the rabbit.

Jen said...

CRACK ME UP, Angie ~ yea ~ helpful information to call him "Joe!" :-)

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