Friday, March 11, 2011

Beauty in the Midst of Despair

So much sadness and devastation lately - the news about Ethiopian adoptions, the earthquake in Japan (which we are experiencing through the eyes of our Japanese exchange student, whose family is safe as they do not live too close to where the earthquake was, but is still understandably shaken), a story of a farming family located about an hour away from us who lost seven of their eight children in a house fire.....and we also had an event happen that was "close" to us when a local family involved in our church experienced a terrible tragedy last weekend as their 3 year old son (J) passed away after a tragic household accident.  I truly cannot even begin to imagine the pain that his parents (K & L) are feeling at this time.  When things like this happen, whether they are large scale natural disasters or a personal tragedy, we begin questioning or doubting God.  We may never understand on this side of heaven why God chose to take little J, and although it is difficult, we can trust in his sovereign plan.  I wanted to share an email that was sent from a family member of K, L, & J.... 

"From the time L found J unconscious…. To when he arrived by ambulance at his daddy’s workplace, (the ER)  From Friday night to Monday morning (57 hours)…. It was a long grueling weekend. 

K and L certainly suffered greatly through it all, but as they dealt with their sorrow and the decision to remove J from life support K specifically prayed for God to just let him KNOW please let him KNOW…that J would be safe…  He just needed a peace to know he would be ok…and that J would be with God.  Where would his decision send the soul of his precious son?

Last evening as the family went back to their home to separate and go through J's things…  K found J's Cubbies Awana book.    He had forgotten this lesson… but it was the very last Awana lesson they did together for 2/27/11 was this…  (Don’t skip the top line!!!)

And the last verse that J said to Mr. Dave… was this:

God spoke to them!!   Some will say that is a coincidence…  but we KNOW!
This was a tremendous relief and blessing to know that J had this lesson just last week.  His last time at church… 

Our sin debt has been paid, but there comes a point in time that each one of us will need to accept the gift of eternal life, the gift that has been offered by Christ.   He said, I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father, but by me.  John 14:6.       Romans 10: 9 says, That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thy heart that God has raised him (Christ) from the dead, Thou shalt be saved." 


Although this certainly doesn't take away the pain, the promise of heaven is a comfort.  Please pray for this family.  A memorial fund has been set up (by extended family without K&L's knowledge) in J's name.  The goal is to raise enough money for a down payment on a house for the family ~ it would be a huge blessing to not have to return to the rental house where the accident occurred.  If you feel so inclined to give, feel free to leave your contact information (email) in a comment and I can forward you the information.

Reminder....if you haven't already, please consider signing the petition which asks the Ethiopian government (Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the Ethiopian Ministry of Women's, Children's, and Youth Affairs) to reconsider their new position of limiting adoptions by 90%.  I am typically NOT a petition kind of person, however I do believe in advocating for children and families.  Thank you!

PS ~ I promise, this blog will not turn into a soapbox!  More crafty and domestic goodness on the way!  :)

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Meri said...

Sometimes, we need a place to say what we need people to know. Having a temporary soapbox is ok ;)

Off to check out the petition, and praying for the families who lost their children :(

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