Friday, March 4, 2011

PW Scones & 101 Progress

If I lived in England, I think I would eat scones every day.  Not that I think all English people eat scones daily, but isn't that the picture you have of tea time?  A nice teacup (not a mug like I use) with some Earl Grey, pinkies up, and talk of how smashing the scones are today....and then a visit from Mary Poppins.  Ok, so maybe my idea of life in England isn't exactly realistic, but my love for scones sure is.

I made the Pioneer Woman's Maple Pecan Scones in an effort to satisfy my scone-craving and also help me out a little with my 101 in 1001 list (a list of 101 things I hope to accomplish within 1001 days).  They were delish.  Just try not to think about the 2 sticks of butter that go into 8 scones.  Don't do the math.  It's a lot of butter per slice and you are much better off just not thinking about it!

I have been slowly progressing with my 101 in 1001 list since starting it on February 15.  Here's some of the progress I've made - first the fully completed goals:
#15:  Grow blog to 50 followers.  Thanks everyone who has followed!
#19:  Have blog visitors from all 50 states.
#20:  Have blog visitors from 50 countries.  (Jackson loves to look at the map to see where all these visitors are coming from!)
#46:  Purge my clothes.
#50:  Move linens to underbed box.
#56:  Get back on track with couponing.  (You can read about my couponing method here).

And now for the partially completed goals:
#30:  Watch the complete Star Wars series with Jackson - I have watched 1/6 - this one is a real labor of love for me, folks!  I know soooo many people love Star Wars, but I just cannot get into it!
#35:  Make at least 40 of the recipes from the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook - I have made 7/40.
#41:  Read 10 acclaimed books I haven't already read - I have read 1/10:  Schindler's List.
#89:  Have 2 more of my projects featured on other blogs - 1/2 - my Changeable Wreath was featured on The Frugal Girls!

There are other goals I am working on, but they are the more ongoing ones that will be continual throughout the 1001 days - like making sure the leftovers get eaten, exercising on a more regular basis, and making my daily devotions with the Lord a priority. 

What goals are you working on?

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