Thursday, January 5, 2012

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Disclaimer:  This is probably going to be the most materialistic post I have ever written.  I'm generally not a materialistic person, but I am loving some of my Christmas presents so much, I just had to share :)

My Keurig....I have debated about one of these for a loooooonnnnngggg time.  I loved the concept, especially because I love random flavored coffee, chai, etc, and my hubby is typically not a fan.  He just likes the regular stuff.  And the convenience!  How easy is it to just stick the little cup in the machine and press brew?!  But, the downsides were that the K-cups can be expensive, and when you have a large crowd of people, it might not end up being as convenient as just brewing a big pot of coffee.  Long story short, we got one for Christmas and I am LOVING it.  Turns out when I registered it online, I received a coupon code for "Buy 2 boxes of K-cups, get 2 free shipping!"  My deal-loving self rejoiced over this :)  We also received a "My K-Cup" so we can continue buying our "Orphan Coffee" ($5 from each bag supports our adoption) and using it in our machine.  If you have been debating too, I say go for it!  We have this model, with 5 different cup sizes, so Jon can even brew a travel mug full of coffee before work in the morning.

These slippers.

I am totally a slipper person.  Wear them all the time at home.  Wish I could wear them all the time outside the home.  These are from Loft.  Incredibly comfortable and might cute!  Seems like they run a size small, unless my feet are growing.  Contemplating scouring the stores to find back-up pairs for when these wear out.

Another favorite is my new necklace.....hand-stamped Africa charm with a heart over Ethiopia.  I've been searching Etsy but can't find a picture.  When I find it again, I will be sure to feature it. I love wearing it as a constant reminder of my little Ethiopian(s).  Thanks, Mom!

Finally, I'll count these although I'm putting them away until our son(s) come home.

Cute right?  Much cuter in person.  And unwrinkled.  These are from Thirty-One Gifts old kid's line.  I wish they still had a kids line......alas it evidently wasn't popular enough.  The good news is, I was able to score these from the Thirty-One Outlet sale after Christmas.  It's still going on now.....check it out here if you want!  Only possible downside - shipping is a flat rate of $10, so if you only want one or two things, it's best split with a friend!  (Sale ends Friday at midnight PST!!......this is my consultant link, so if you already have a consultant, please contact them for their info.)

What were your favorite (materialistic) things from Christmas?  :)


Tina said...

Oh my gosh! I'm the same with the Keurig! We got my grandparents one for Christmas and LOVED it. I had to have one too naturally. I don't know if it's the novelty of it or what, but they are so easy and awesome! I love those slippers too! They are very cute! :)

♥Carlos, Elizabeth, and Addison♥ said...

I love when people post their materialistic things. Sometimes people do come across as pretentious, but for the most part, it makes us all want to shop! I am so glad that you posted about Thirty-One. I've been wanting to order from them forever! I ended up ordering 3 things from the outlet sale. Yay!

Michelle Paige said...

I've missed your posts! Love your Christmas presents...the slippers are adorable. My mom got me some lighted branches. They look so pretty in one of my tall vases, that I think I'm going to leave them out all year long!!

Jackie said...

Yay! You're back! I miss reading your posts, Ang!

Maureen said...


So glad you're back!!! I have missed you!!! Enjoyed the picture of the kids by the tree.


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