Monday, January 23, 2012

What the Hey????

So I totally haven't followed through on my hopes of returning to blogdom on a regular basis.  That happens when your computer looks like this:

It's not good, folks.  Most days it doesn't even turn on.  Luckily I do have an iPad (surprise gift from my in-laws, woohoo!!), so I can still check email and facebook, you know- the important things....but unfortunately I can't blog from there.  Most days my laptop won't turn on, but today must be my lucky day because not only did I survive grocery shopping with a toddler, my laptop appears to be semi-working.  Long story short....we're looking for a new laptop.  Thinking about going with a Mac.  Thoughts?

But my computer woes aren't exactly what I was planning to post about today.  Maybe you noticed the link on the picture and that gave you a little hint on what has been going on....I wanted to give a little shout-out to all of you who follow the proper rules & etiquette of sharing pictures and posts.  I LOVE it, I really do, when someone thinks something of mine is good enough to share with others.  It's just super cool and nice, like a virtual pat on the back.  However, when someone takes my images or posts without my permission with the intent of passing them off as their own.....well that's not cool anymore.  This happened yesterday.  Thankfully, there are some really super awesome people out there in blogland who contacted me to let me know this was happening (to me and others, from what I heard).  By the time I received the link, it had already been taken down.  My first thought was, "I guess that's a compliment in a weird sort of way," but then I started thinking about how it takes time to do these projects, and credit really does need to be given where credit is due.  Not only is it nice and polite, but really?  Taking my stuff - my pictures of my stuff - and trying to pass it off as your own and even sell it??  Soooo not cool.

Now listen, we're all friends here, right?  If you are that person, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe you haven't been taught blog etiquette yet.  But consider yourself schooled and don't do the same thing again.  It's just not nice.

So to reiterate....I really do love it when you share my can do it anytime you want as long as you include a link back!  You don't even need to get my permission.  I do ask that you refrain from using the photos that include my children.  You don't want the mama bear to come out.

Sorry if this is a grumpy post.  I have one of those hacking coughs....(the kind where you cough until you gag and almost throw up, and also you pee a little because it just hasn't been the same down there since birthing children), and it's just been one of those days.


Lindsey said...

Oh girl, I would be upset if people stole my pictures, too! SO sorry that happened to you!!!

In other news, I have a MacBook Pro and I LOVE IT. Mine is over 3 years old, but it's still going strong. We did have one problem with it (some wire connecting the hard drive or something), but it was easily fixable and I didn't lose anything from it! My husband recommends replacing computers every 2 years, but with our adoption, we just don't have the fundage available, but like I said, my laptop is fine and gorgeous! And I'm in love with it. HIGHLY recommend. :)

Maureen said...


I don't care what you write about; I just love to hear from you! How are the kids, the adoption, the house... and especially you.


P.S. I missed you!

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