Thursday, January 26, 2012

Upcoming Fundraiser - Can YOU Help?

Hi all....
Just a quick post to ask for your help with a little something.....our next adoption fundraiser!  I'd like to do something like my friend Lindsey did here, or like The Annessa Family did here.  If you aren't going to click on the links for an explanation, basically people donated stuff and do be given away when donations were received.  The dollar amount donated determined the amount of tickets given, and then numbers were randomly chosen to see who won what.

To make it a successful fundraiser, I'm hoping for some really great donations!  Do you have an etsy shop or work for a DS company?  Would you like to make a donation?  Would someone you know like to make a donation??  Your role would be pretty simple.... provide me with a picture, an approximate prize value, and then be willing to ship the prize to the winner in a timely manner.  In return....I can't give much (since that would defeat the purpose of the fundraiser), but I would clearly put a link to your shop on the post.  Plus you would feel so good inside, knowing you helped to bring our sweetie(s) home!  :)  (If you are new and have no clue what I'm talking about, check out the Adoption posts or the Our Adoption Journey tab at the top!!)

Thank you!  (and never fear, there will be more fun posts coming.....I've been working on my coffee bar!)

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