Sunday, January 2, 2011

Numbered Coat Rack

Well, I'm still not quite ready for the laundry room reveal.  But I'm loving the mini-project we just finished for it!  As soon as I saw our little half-wall that hides our washer & dryer and creates a hallway, I knew it would be the perfect spot for some hooks.  Any extra spot to store something or hang something is always great in my book!  I was planning on buying this the next time we made an IKEA trip (one of my most favorite stores EVER), but then I saw this idea by Kierste at Brown Paper Packages, and it inspired me!
So cute!  I love anything distressed, and also anything labeled.... so we made our own version!  We had plenty of leftover material from the pedestal Jon built for the washer & dryer to sit on, so we just cut it down to the size we wanted.  (Perhaps that phrase should read "he just cut it down to the size I wanted"....but anyway).  I found the exact same hooks at Target....right down to the oil rubbed bronze finish.  As you have probably already realized, I only have two kids, and to use their names would have made for a pretty small coat rack.  So we used numbers instead!  Instead of using vinyl like Kierste, I used stencils and paint, and our color scheme is different - so here are my revised DIY instructions:
1 - spray paint board black and let dry completely.
2 - paint white over the black (we used leftover trim paint) and let dry completely.
3 - sand the edges and a little over the whole board.
4 - screw in hooks
5 - use stencils to paint numbers (this time I used some craft paint I had on hand)
6 - after drying completely, sand like crazy for that cool distressed look
7 - realize some parts look weird, so repeat #5 & #6 (not so crazy this time) until you like it again
8 - hang and admire!

Just in case you were wondering (we have already gotten this question) - Why 5?  No, we are not trying to assign numbers to our children and the future children that may come someday!  I wanted at least four hooks, and five was more visually appealing to me and fit better in the space.  There is no hidden meaning in the 5 :)

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Nicole said...

Hey Angie...It's Nikki from Thrifty Decorating...thanks for checking me out! I'll have some more time tomorrow and can't wait to look at your blog....your design is so pretty!
Where do you live in PA? We are in the Lancaster area....

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Your numbers turned out really well.

I love numbers!

I hope to make some thing similar soon. Glad to read that yours turned out. :)

Jen said...

Awwwww.......c'mon Angie! Go for the magic number 5! :-) Just kidding! I LOVE THIS BOARD! YOU did such a cute job, and I can't wait to come over there and see all your cool new projects!!!!!! Loving your blog also!!!!!!!!! :-)

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

I love the numbers, great idea!!

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