Thursday, October 28, 2010

50 FREE Shutterfly Cards

Let me just begin by saying how EXCITED I am for this time of year!  I just LOVE the holiday season!  Starting with my birthday (yes, I am now 30....) and then the months of November and December are just PACKED with hectic holiday fun.  I love all the preparations - right now I have my fall decorations up, but as soon as I awake from my Thanksgiving coma, the first thing I do is to start decorating for Christmas!  One of my FAVORITE things about the Christmas season is CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!  **I am not exaggerating this for the purpose of this post.**  Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, I practically sprint to the mailbox each day in hopes of receiving a Christmas card.  I do love any card, and immediately tape it up on a wall somewhere, but the ones I especially love are photo cards!  I love seeing how kids have grown or people have changed in the past year.  Love it so much that I keep all my photo cards in a special album that comes out only at Christmas.  Seriously people, I know most of you just throw out your cards, but they bring me much joy :)
Which brings me to the actual point of this post...right now, Shutterfly has a special deal where bloggers can receive 50 FREE photo cards!  Photo cards can be expensive sometimes, but you just can't beat FREE!  (and since they are free, how about sending me one, eh?)
I can speak from experience and say that creating cards on Shutterfly is very simple!  The hardest part by far is picking out your favorite design....and this year they have some super cute ones!  Here are a few of my favorites:

Love the 5x7 size!
So cute, but folded cards are a lot more expensive!
Might be "the one" for this year....we'll see what kind of cute pics we get!

Here's our card from last year ~ the little lump is Carly who was only about a month old in this picture :)

So check out Shutterfly's selection of cards and stationary!  They have Thanksgiving cards too!  Don't forget, if you are a blogger, you can get 50 free cards too, just follow the link here!

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