Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Date Day

Ahhh.....time with my hubby and NO kids!  Yesterday we had not just a date night, but a whole date day, as an early birthday present!  It was such a great day - relaxed, no stopping for nursing breaks, diaper changes, etc.  We ended up staying local, but had a great time together - thanks to all who made it possible :)
We first went to Miller's Smorgasboard, thinking it would be comparable to Shady Maple.  Hmm.  Not the case.  It was fine, but really, how can you beat Shady Maple?  We did a little Christmas shopping and then headed to Lancaster's Central Market and browsed some shops around the city.

(I purposely brought my camera to take pictures of the 2 of us on our date day, but I kind of forgot, and this is the only one I took the entire day!)
We love to go look through random little antique/flea market type stores and hit the jackpot when we went to Burning Bridge Antiques.  So much to look at!  My house is a mish-mash of styles, and my biggest "treasures" are the things with "character," or a story behind them.  Our best find yesterday was an old bathtub filled with marquee letters from a local movie theater that had recently closed.  We bought some of the letters for an upcoming project in our brand new laundry room - to be revealed in a few weeks!  :)
We ate dinner at El Serrano - so exciting because I have always wanted to go there.  It was worth the wait and I'm still enjoying the leftovers today.  We came back to pick up the kids, and since they had just started their dinner with Nana & Peeps, we went to Folklore.  Love that place (speaking of character!) ~ and loved my pumpkin spice iced latte!
We had a great day together ~ isn't it amazing how some time with your spouse can recharge your batteries and make you ready for face the world again?!

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