Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneak Peek

Here's a peek at the projects I've been working on lately for our upcoming family vacation!
Not totally frugal, because I needed to buy all of the supplies, but my friend and I made these for our girls after seeing similar ones on Etsy!

Didn't want to leave Jackson out - it was a little bit of a challenge coming up with something cute that would still be for a big boy!
This was because I was too cheap to buy an autograph book - don't know what they are at Disney, but on eBay they were going for more than I wanted to pay!
Can't wait for vacation!!!


**For those interested, the tutu is no-sew and there are MANY tutorials out there in blogland.  The shirts were simple:  I made appliques, ironed them on, and sewed around the edges to make sure they'd last.  I bought the bows already made and sewed one on the Minnie Mouse face and one on a plain headband to make the set coordinate!**


Althea said...

I love it! You are so creative! How did you make the little dress?

angie said...

thanks althea! the dress is actually 2 pieces - i just made a tutu with elastic & tulle, and made an iron-on applique for the onesie (i ended up stitching around it as well), and then stitched the bow on! super easy!

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