Monday, October 11, 2010

A Good Deal Kind of Day

I loooove these kinds of days!  The good deals just seemed to be falling from the sky!  When Jon came home from work, Jackson and I had a little date, which kept getting longer and longer....thankfully I have a patient little shopper! First we headed to Dunkin' Donuts for a free pumpkin iced coffee from the Free Coffee Monday punch cards that were in the paper a few weeks ago.  Of course we each got a donut too!
The next stop was Koser's Jewelers since I had gotten a $25 gift card from becoming a fan on facebook.  Normally $25 wouldn't make much of a difference in jewelry, but they have these fun Gummi watches....
so I bought a white one for just a few dollars!
I was super excited to head down to Gap at the mall, since I found out they were having 40% off your purchase today.  I bought the Gap Groupon a few weeks ago ($50 for Gap for $25) and they combined the deals, taking what would have been a bill of $187.50 down to just $2.96 out of pocket!  Even adding the $25 I had originally paid for the Groupon, $27.96 is still a great deal for all the stuff I got, don't you think??
This was my first experience using Groupon, and it worked perfectly!  I will definitely be watching for more Groupon deals.  If you aren't familiar with it, check it out here!  You can search for the city closest to you, but many of their deals (like my Gap deal) are nationwide.
I also just ordered my 40th (yes *40th*) $5 Amazon giftcard, courtesy of Swagbucks.  If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, trust me, it will be worth your while!  $200 of Amazon credit is definitely going to be coming in handy as I work on Christmas shopping the next few months!
We are planning to finish out the night with one more deal - a free rental from Blockbuster Express!  If you are interested, just use code MBBX2, but this is a one day code and expires at midnight.

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Nicole said...

Love looking at your blog! How did you get your $25 from Koser's...I became a fan and never knew how to get that!

We need to get together someday and Goodwill shop! Your house looks like it is so beautiful!

And yes...Sherrie and I go to the same co-op and also hang out once a month at a homeschool Mom's night-out. Do you live near her?

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