Tuesday, August 9, 2011

FREE Decor from Paper Coterie

I have another great deal to pass on to you, and this one even deals with home decor!!  Have you heard of Paper Coterie?  If you haven't already, I am insisting that you go check it out.  They offer great personalized photo products like calendars, growth charts, wall decals, and photo books.  Right now, for the entire month of August, they are offering an incredible promotional deal ~ $40 off your purchase!!  (You just pay the shipping).

The last time they had this deal, I bought two wall decals.....one for each kiddo.  I put a picture, their name, and the verse we picked for them when we dedicated them at church.  I was so impressed when they arrived!  The decals have a fabric-feel, not plastic-y at all. 

We finally put them up in the toy room tonight and I love how they turned out!
I was super excited when I saw Paper Coterie is offering the same deal this month.  Just use the code BEGINANYWHERE at checkout, and it will take $40 off your purchase (again, you have to pay shipping which varies depending on your order).  I have already taken advantage of this deal, but I can't show you what I got this time because they might end up as Christmas gifts ;)  Again though, I was totally impressed.  I put my order in last week and already received my products!  For my order, shipping was less than $5.  It's a great company that I recommend 100% - go check it out!

Side note:  often, when there are great deals like this available, the site can run slow.  I did not have this issue at all, but I have heard that it has affected some people.  If it happens to you, just try again at another time!

Disclaimer:  These opinions are my own, based solely on my experiences with the company....Paper Coterie has no idea I am writing this review.  I just wanted to pass on an amazing deal from a great company to all my friends! 


Michelle said...

Those are awesome! What size are they? I think I might need to order some NOW! The colors look great in your room.

Natalie said...

Woohoo!! Just did it with 38 minutes to spare!! Thanks! I can't wait to get them! I ordered 3 and my total was $6.71!

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