Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lego Party: Goodie Bags

Here's another LEGO party idea....goodie bags.  Jackson had a "friend party" which was really a glorified play date with 2 of his best buddies.  We put together some goodie bags as a thank-you for his friends.  They were super easy and turned out really cute.  Again, these were a Pinterest idea.  (Where would we be without Pinterest?!)  I don't know who was the original poster of the idea, because they seem to be a staple at most LEGO parties!

I bought all my party supplies at Walmart - nothing special, just primary colors.  A 3-pack of gift bags was 99 cents.  I used one gift bag to cut circles, and then put them on the other bags with double stick tape so they resembled legos.  Easy peasy. fill them up!  Along with random candy, lego-shaped candy (gotta sugar them up before we send them home!), we also made lego minifigure crayons to include.  This was supposed to be an activity at the party.....luckily I did a trial run the day before.

The plan was to chop up a bunch of crayons, fill up the minifigure mold, and put it in the oven.  The crayons would melt and then when they hardened again they would be brand new crayons!  Unfortunately, not all crayons are created equal.

Some melted, some didn't, even after long periods of time in the oven.  When I gave up trying to melt them completely, I let them harden but when I popped them out, several broke right away.  Headless minifigures are not so great.

Hubby came to the rescue when he got home from work.  He melted the crayons in jars in the microwave and poured them into the mold.  This time it worked like a charm (and I am only minus 3 jars because of cracking!)

(sidenote:  we also made minifigure ice cubes with the mold and it worked great!  they were so cute!!)

I also "splurged" and bought a Birthday Party Kit from the LEGO store.  (My new sponsors!  See my sidebar!)  The kit included 10 of each of the following:  invitations, thank you cards, 3D stickers, building tips & tricks booklet, LEGO builder licenses, and special birthday minifigures.  Yes, 10 was more than we needed, but I am predicting many more LEGO parties in this house in the years to come!!  The best part - when I bought it (and as I am writing this post), the kit was on sale - 50% off!  Jackson was thrilled about this - he has wanted a "Max" minifigure for so long!  The Birthday Boy also received a LEGO magnet and special pop-up birthday card in the kit.

Birthday parties are so much fun :)  There's still a few more LEGO party posts on the way....stay tuned!

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morrest1101 said...

I had a lego party for our son Gunner last year. It was fun! Here's some of the things I did.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

How fun!! I love unique goodie bags. I'm glad the crayons worked out. That is really fun.


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