Thursday, December 2, 2010

El Cheapo Christmas Decorations

The tree farm we went to last weekend offered free of course hearing the word "free," I helped myself.  I figured I could make a wreath instead of buying one....and so I did!
This was my first wreath making attempt, so I didn't have any of the supplies I needed.  I bought a wreath form for $2.99 and some green floral wire for around $2 and went to town with my free greens!  It wasn't too hard and I think it turned out ok....maybe next year i will make it a little fuller.  Tied it up with some Christmasy ribbon and....viola - a pretty cheap decoration for the front door.  Note to self:  next year, pay attention to instructions and wear gloves!  Things got pretty sticky.
I also have scattered greens throughout the house, on the mantle, around the nativity, etc.  I love the added bonus of the pine smell!
I am lucky enough to have a massive holly tree in our front yard, so each year I take advantage of that for more decor freebies.  I love the cute little red berries!

1 comment:

Sonya Chisenhall said...

yeah, i am planning a traipsing around my parents woods cutting greenery for some outdoor decor. free is the best.

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