Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laundry Room: Before

We are finally in the last stages of our laundry & mud room remodel - puttying holes, putting the last coat of paint on the trim, etc.  I'm so so so happy with how it all turned out.  When we bought our home, a 1961 Cape Cod, a little over three years ago, we bought it because of the potential it had, definitely not what it already looked like.  In the meantime, we have done a lot of work - adding lights to ceilings, replacing windows, ripping up carpet, pulling out ivy, ripping out the backyard jungle & planting grass, taking down wallpaper, painting, painting, and more painting.  Our laundry and mud room was our first "real" remodeling project.
At some point, one of the previous owners bred dogs.  There were two rooms and a little porch built off the garage for this purpose.  When we came through the house for the first time, this is what we saw in those rooms...
a dirty dog bathtub!  Just what every home needs, right?  No?  So, we probably didn't need the kennels that were built in the second room either.  And the  It was unbelievable.  Looking back, what were we thinking?!  We literally had to air these rooms out for a year and go in every few weeks with a can of good smelling spray and just coat the place.  It eventually became ok, but the rooms were so gross and nasty I didn't even want to walk in them.  But...being that the room had plumbing already.....and the fact that the washer and dryer were located in the nearly equally gross basement...the wheels were turning.  It would be a perfect laundry room!
Fast forward a few years - we completely gutted those rooms and hired a contractor to do most of the rest.  He used a little of the garage space to build a hallway to connect these rooms with the rest of the house and it worked out perfectly!
Some more "before" or "during" pictures...

View from the garage - please excuse the Titans sign - that is due to my husband - and it is only allowed in the garage (his domain)... we all know the rest of the house is devoted to the Steelers.
So, there you have it - the "before."  Click here to see the big reveal!!

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