Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April Fool's Day Ideas

Last year I didn't plan in advance for April Fool's Day, so I didn't post about our meal until that evening.  I'm re-posting it here in case you want to have a fun April Fool's meal for your family!!

When Jackson woke up this morning, I told him to go look out the window, that God had pulled the best April Fool's joke on us.....the ground was covered with snow!!  What a crazy way to begin the month!  I didn't have any pranks ready throughout the day, but I did have a few jokes up my sleeve for dinner tonight.
I have been seeing the cupcakes that are actually meatloaf and mashed potatoes, so I used that idea and changed it up a bit...
After putting cupcake liners in the muffin tin, I flattened out refrigerator biscuits (I had the big ones so I tore them in half first) and pressed them into the liners, leaving a little "well."

I then added a spoonful of ground beef (I had cooked it in advance) and a little cheese and baked them at 350 for about 17-18 minutes.  I wasn't really expecting the biscuits to rise that much, the "well" I expected to be filled with meat kind of disappeared, but oh well!

I added the icing (mashed potatoes and food coloring) and the cupcakes were ready!

Jackson wasn't quite sure what to think!!  Thankfully he thought it was funny and wasn't too disappointed that we weren't actually eating cupcakes.  We also had applesauce, but I served it warm....which is something we did quite often growing up, but I don't think Jackson had ever eaten it like that before.

Yep, that's right, there were no vegetables.  I kind of forgot, and then didn't want to add just plain ole veggies to a special fun we were vegetable-less tonight.  On to dessert!  :) 

Our dessert was a breakfast theme!  I know most of you have probably seen this "toast" already, it's been pretty popular in blogland....

If you haven't, I'll share the's sliced poundcake, toasted!  To go along with the breakfast theme, I also made the "fried egg sundaes" I saw here, and although mine didn't turn out quite as good, they were still fun!  (The "eggs" are marshmallow whip with a dollop of lemon pie filling.)

I love this little smirk when he tasted his toast....

We had a fun April Fool's "party" (if there's cupcakes, it's a party, right?), and I already can't wait to start planning for next year!  Did you pull (or fall for any) April Fool's pranks today?  I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store to get some of my ingredients, and when I got to the cashier I realized I had left my wallet at home ~ guess THAT joke was on ME!

Fast-forward one year and I haven't yet started planning for this year's April Fool's Day....which is coming up SOON!  Luckily there are lots of great ideas out there!  Here's a few more links for inspiration.....

*KFC Fried Chicken & Sides
*Faux Chicken Nuggets
*Pizza Cake
*33 Harmless, Pesky Pranks
*Fried Rodents (seriously thinking about doing this one!)

There are LOTS more, but those are some of my favorites!  What is your favorite April Fool's prank?


Lindsey said...

I LOVE this idea. I have been "researching" food pranks for April Fools and this is my favorite so far (mostly because it's so easy lol). Thanks for the idea!

fostera said...

Thanks for the comment! And thanks for linkin' me up to your post! I'm excited to check out your other April Fool's day links! I love your take on the meatloaf cupcake! Such a smart idea to use the biscuits! Sounds much better than regular meatloaf to me! Thanks again and have a great day!

nateandkatesmom said...

Those are cute ideas! Although, my son would gag if I put mashed potatoes on anything. He has texture issues! My daughter would get a kick out of it though, and she may even eat it!

TicoTina said...

what the crap, Angie, I didn't even know you had a blog!!!!!!!! der! so glad you left a comment so I could find you =) just followed you on bloglovin! I'm sad I've missed so much, I'm sure it will take me forever to catch up, but it's so fun to find you =)

Natalie Dixon said...

Love it Angie! I think I might do a last minute variation of this tonight so I'm SO glad you linked this up to my party! I'm going to quick share this with my Thrifty Turtle FB page in case anyone else needs a last minute idea!

Queen of Games said...

Found your recipe on the Frugal gals website

My family had this for dinner tonight & it was delicious!!

the only one who disagreed was my little autistic brother. But he's sensitive like that.

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